The Stoning Incident in History of Islam

In Islam a surprising incident took place when a companion of Prophet (PBUH) came to Him to seek punishment of wrong deed he had committed. Since Prophet (PBUH) has always felt for all the Muslims so He wanted that man to be forgiven. The companion said asked for the punishment. The Prophet (PBUH) did not listen to him as He wanted him to be forgiven.

As per Islam, that companion of Messenger (PBUH) had to punish him but He always wanted him to be spared. He turned His face on three times in the other direction to avoid the incident. He then asked all  the Muslims who were present there as if he was lying or being mad but the answer was always been in negative. The Prophet (PBUH) really felt for him and wanted him to seek forgiveness from Allah.

The companion of Prophet (PBUH) always had good wishes for the Muslims. His kind acts have been very famous in all the Arab. The companion himself was admitting that he had committed wrong deed but the Prophet (PBUH) was turning away from him. He has been avoiding it by saying that you have not done that.

According to Islam, if that man was intoxicated as he was admitting himself. The Prophet (PBUH) wanted him to spare all the times but he continued to ask for the punishment for the wrong deed. The Messenger (PBUH) wanted to find another way by asking Muslims who were sitting there if that man was crazy. The reply was in again negative way.

Punishment in Islam for wrong deed was to be stoned till death, and then the Messenger of Allah ordered that punishment for him. It was told by the Quran that on the Day of Judgment everybody is supposed to only care for himself and never take notice of anybody but the Prophet (PBUH) shall ask Allah for the forgiveness of His all Muslims.


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