The Most Mysterious Place of the World

Mysterious Bermuda triangle surprised people with surprising news about it being a mystery that has not been resolved yet. This place was introduced by the researchers and scientists when many ships and aero planes went missing in that part of the sea and never returned. This area of triangle consists of 300 oceans of Atlantic Ocean.

Bermuda triangle has been considered the most dangerous part of this planet in the sea. It has been observed that only twenty oceans of this planet have been occupied by the living human being. This triangle said to have disappeared more than fifty ships in the 1850. And most of the ships that disappeared and drowned were owned by the American Government.

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The first ship that entered in that triangle of Atlantic Ocean had more than three hundred passengers in it that were never found till they entered in that area of the sea. Afterwards a submarine was disappeared in the same part of the sea that had ninety nine people in it. Another incident took place in the same triangle when five of the aircraft took off from the American base and disappeared too.

The same mysterious Bermuda Triangle in 1945 happened to be the place where those five aircraft also went missing and never returned. It has been said that one of the pilot had a discussion with the tower aviation department. He told the aviation staff that he was being through in a situation which he did not understand due to its visibility in the Atlantic Ocean.

That mysterious area of Bermuda triangle in Atlantic Ocean had some unseen force that attracted everything which entered in its region. The pilot said that as he was asked to fly the aircraft in the direction of the west, but he could not fly it any direction as he did not see anything over that triangle. Then the connection of that particular airplane was disconnected and it also was the part of the airplane which never has been found yet.

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