The Misery of Indian Muslims Gets Unveiled

The misery of Indian Muslims unveiled when a Muslim guy bought a cow to celebrate the eve of Eid-ul-Azha according to his faith. The animal was snatched by few biased Hindus on the way back to his home and they teased him physically and mentally as well. This incident unveils the reality that how Muslims have been living in miserable condition in so called secular India.

Hindus always quarrel with Indian Muslims on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha. Especially in Gujrat, Hindus have made their lives miserably as they are supported by the government. They never let the chance go for having a fight with the Indian Muslims. In fact Hindus have executed so many Muslim men, women and innocent children in Gujarat without any reason which exposed how unbiased Hindus are.

The incident of Indian Muslim guy caught by some extremists of Hindu community proved that how miserable life they lived there. In the past Hindus had several fights with Indian Muslims over the demolition of Babari Mosque that took place in 1992. The cause of the conflict was to reclaim its land since Hindus believed it to be the place of birth of their god.

At that moment a rally of biased Hindus got violent and started to demolish the Mosque. It caused the loss of two thousand people. This incident also showed the miserable life on Indian Muslims in India. The incident Indian Muslims who bought the cow is another example of biasness of so called secular India.

The guy was unlucky as he found himself to be alone between dozens of unbiased Hindus. Those Hindus not only snatch his cow, they tied him with pillar and teased him mentally and physically. Hindus on the other hand sacrifice their religious faith about cows when they are asked by their English friends.

Whenever Muslims want to eat beef they said it is was prohibited in Hinduism. On several occasions Hindus conflicted with Indian Muslims on this sensitive issue and they executed so many innocent Muslims including men, women and innocent children. The recent incident exposed the reality of India, the self claimed secular state of the world

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