The Mama Rabbit Takes Revenge of Snake’s Attack

The mother rabbit took severe revenge of the attack of the snake when the deadly creature of wildlife tried to eat the baby hare. It was the most amazing fight ever seen and capture by the people who went in the forest to make a short documentary. The deadly and cruel reptile of the forest wanted to eat that baby hair as it was feeling hungry.

The baby rabbit was sitting alone while his mother hare went to search out some meal for her baby. The big hare never thought that the big snake was hiding in the forests to attack her baby. The snake was hiding in the long grass and planning to attack the baby animal when it was alone. The moment baby’s mother went out to search for the meal the snake attacked the baby.

The video of the fight between the two animals was amazing of the fights that have been seen recently. The video was captured by the mobile phone of two friends who went in the forest to make a short documentary on the wildlife. They both hid themselves behind the tree and started to focus their camera on the baby hare.

The mother rabbit amazed the men when she took full revenge of the attack on her baby. It just grabbed the whole body with its feet and grabbed the mouth of the snake with its paws. The snake did not expect such revenge from the big animal. The snake released the grip on her baby hare and started to run away from the situation in order to save its life.

The fight of mama rabbit with the big snake amazed both the men who were shooting this fight with their camera from behind the tree. The snake moved very quickly to run away from that situation but the mother of the baby hare was in great anger as she followed the snake of the wildlife and kept on following it until it lost all of its power. Both mama and baby hare then ate the snake.

Mama Rabbit Saves its Baby from Snake

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