The Girl Faces Breach of Woman Rights

Girl faced breach of woman rights when she was beaten by the civil society that blamed her to be the call girl. The people of that society also complained this news to the NGOs and the policemen also. According to the media report a video went viral on social media and on the news channel also that a young and smart girl was beaten on the road.

Civil society breached woman rights by beating the alleged girl and also misbehaving with her on the road. Many members belonged to different NGOs and policemen had also gathered at the point. The people of that society complained to the media channels that they have been complaining about the shameful and immoral acts of that girl yet no action was taken by the police.

Luckily that young girl along with her other friend managed to escape from the situation and entered her house safely. The people of that civil society were gathered in huge numbers demanding that girl to be ousted from the society. The police men and the member of the NGOs had also arrived at the situation to know the cause of that incident.

NGOs demanded woman rights to be taken care every time even if any girl was seen doing immoral acts in the civil society. The people belonged to different NGOs while talking to some news channels spoke against this incident of beating up that woman for doing such shameful acts. They had the views that instead of beating that lady on the road, people should have complained to the police station.

Women rights have been the major issue in some part of the countries. Despite of the law of these rights, many people were found violating them on the roads. Especially young girls have been harassed by the politicians and famous people for the satisfaction of themselves.

People Violate Woman Rights in Civil Society

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