The Capital Punishment Concept in Islam

Islam has been the religion of peace and has been quite moderate and no one has ever embraced this religion by anyone’s force even Prophet (PBUH) never ever asked any Muslim companion to use force to convert him or her to the religion. The video that has been uploaded here was about the decision on punishment of a companion of Prophet (PBUH) who had committed adultery.

Islam has always had a moderate of teachings and there has always a way described by Allah for forgiveness. In Quran the holy book of this beautiful religion also has lesson for all the Muslims so that they could live their lives according to Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). A surprising incident happened when a companion of Prophet (PBUH) came to Him and asked for the punishment on committing wrong deed.

Prophet (PBUH) has always been very kind to all of the Muslims and always sought a way of forgiveness from Allah. The Companion said that he had committed wrong deed so he wanted to be penalized according to the teachings of this religion, Allah and the holy book Quran. The Messenger of Allah was worried about him and wanted him to be forgiven by the Allah.

As per Islam, the punishment of wrong deed has been the stoning till death. The Messenger (PBUH) of Allah turned His face towards other side and asked that he might have been lying. The question was again that he had committed that mistake and again the reply from the Prophet (PBUH) was that He turned His face to the other side since He was worried for the companion.

Since Islam has been very moderate for all the Muslims and for everybody so the Prophet (PBUH) asked the other Muslim men sitting there was he lying? The answer of everybody was in negative. He asked again that if that man was mad. The Prophet (PBUH) wanted that companion of be forgiven. This showed that He always felt for the Muslim people. In the end the punishment was given.

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