The Camel Gets Annoyed By The Butcher’s Act

A camel got annoyed by the butcher’s wrong act when he failed to slaughter it properly on the event of Eid festival. The big animals are not supposed to be mishandled quite often because they are not quite active. This animal is known as the lion of the desert and mostly is used in Dubai or Middle East. It has been the major animal there as the Arabs use them in the races.

The Slaughtering of Camel is not a quite common among the people as in this part of the world it is sold at a very high price. People who have many resources can afford its sacrifice however the other animals’ likes of goats are sold out at much cheap price. Big animals could only be slaughtered by the professional butchers unlike for the small animals.

A surprising incident took place on the road when a non professional butcher mishandled its slaughtering. He with the help of his other men captured it and made it fall down on the surface easily. But the animal was not tied with rope properly which made it stand up after it had cut on its neck by the butcher that called him a professional one.

The Camel then had enough power to stand up on his legs and managed to rescue itself from them for some time. The people and children heard this news and came to the spot instantly since this process of sacrificing big animals has been quite popular in the kids and some big boys too. It had become very crowded when people reached to see this violent animal.

The annoyed Camel then started to see here and there to find some way to escape from the situation. The butchers called themselves professionals but their act went wrong. After some time’s effort the butchers with the help of other people managed to fall down the big animal again on the road until it was slaughtered properly.

Furious Camel Hitting Everyone on Road

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