Thailand Monk Meditates on Oil

Thailand Monk was found doing something very strange when the video was shared on the social media by the people who captured it. The incident took place in that county where such people did not believe in the reality and rather they were seen doing something idiotic. One of the monks of that country was seen doing meditation in the hot boiling oil that surprised the whole world.

The Monk of Thailand was seen something very rare as he kept on sitting on the boiled oil just for the purpose of religious activity. Activity consisted of the monk to have sat on the boiled oil to become the real man who could tell people of living their lives. The short video clip was seen by so many people including the residents of his own country.

Strange video of that man doing stunt in the hot tub was shared and watched all over the internet. Most of the people thought him to be a crazy man since they did not want him to do that just to get people attention. He has been doing such stunts for many months and people from different countries have been coming to watch him. In the background it could be seen that many people were recording the videos.

Buddhis Monk

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