Thailand Monk Goes Crazy Near Shangri-La Hotel

Thailand Monk Goes Crazy Near Shangri-La Hotel when he sat in the hot boiling oil just to meditate. All the people who were really amazed by such act by one of the monks were present there. They started to capture the moment with their mobile phone and shared the video on the social media. The monk did not get hurt despite of the fact that the oil was so hot that it was boiling yet he kept on sitting on it.

Thailand has been famous for its rituals ceremony near Shangri-La Hotel and people have been visiting their country for recreation. The country has been generating lots of revenue through overseas people who had been coming there and visiting that place. All the people who had traveled to that country, were also amazed at the act of the Monk.

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This was the most watched video on internet in Shangri-La Hotel since nobody could believe that some one could do that much crazy in his religion. All the people there thought him to be a mania who was just doing that trick to attract people. It was said that after doing that stunt for a long time, the man was not able to sit properly on any kind of seat.

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