Tennis Star Gets Embarrassed in Public

Indian tennis star got embarrassed in public the other day when she had to talk to the media after wearing the dress of famous dress designer. The fitting of the dress was so loose that she had to adjust her dress every now and then when it kept on slipping down. She was talking to the media men so the video was recorded.

The tennis star felt shy wearing that dress and the media people also kept on looking her dress which did not look decent as people kept on starring her body. Although Indian starts and actresses have been very bold wearing those dresses which were not appropriate while wearing in public meetings and media talks yet tennis player felt embarrassing.

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The video of this incident went viral on the social media and on electronic media as well. That made the female player also see that video as well in which she was seen adjusting her dress from her top part of the body as it was slipping down due to the fitting.

Indian tennis star has been very active in the media as she had been very popular these days. She had achieved number one position in the tennis sport. Due to her achievements in this sport many brands of clothing had a contract with her for promoting their outfits. This time the dress designer of particular brand could not sew the perfect dress for the female player.

The female tennis star was seen in very awkward situation as she was called to the stage when a media talk was going on. The time she spent talking to the media and answering the different questions of the journalists, her loose dress continuously bothered her. She did not want everyone to take notice of her this situation but the photographers kept on focusing her dress.

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