Tanvir Surprises in Champions League

Champions league match surprised everyone when Sohail Tanvir bowled the last over of the match and the match got tied. Pakistani fast bowler bowled again in the super over and the match was tied again. Sohail Tanvir has bee coming up with lots of surprises in the cricketing fields. He stunned the whole stadium after getting hit for a six off the very first over of the match in India.

Champions league match was held in India and the match was quite interesting when it was tied. Sohail Tanvir bowled the last over when he was hit for six on the very first ball. It all looked impossible for the bowling side to restrict the batsmen from scoring the required runs. Crowd of India also got surprised when 2 runs were needed of the last ball.

Sohail Tanvir managed to restrict the batsman to only take one run and the match was shifted to the super over. Nobody could believe that it would a tied match. Amazing scenes were seen when Sohail Tanvir again bowled the super  over for his team. This time his team had to bowl first. Fifteen runs was the target for the bowling side.


Sohail Tanvir Amazing Spell

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