Survey on Bad Place by British Journalist Shocks People

A survey by the British Journalist on the bad activities running in the inside Lahore by some girls shocked people. The documentary showed the true facts of the shameful acts carried out under the nose of policemen. The lady involved in this act gave interview to the journalist. She explained that how this shameful act has been run with the help of policemen.

The survey was conducted by British Journalist to reveal the bad activities that have been running with the help of policemen who knowingly did not notice of all the bad places. The lady who was interviewed    told that she had been taking very few amount for the whole night. She also told that some of the girls also wanted indulge in this business.

The female lady who has been running this bad business for quite a long time did not want any young girl to step into this immoral activity as this could be bad for her future. Many other ladies who have been dealing with the men in this business did not reveal what that lady revealed.

Other ladies in this survey by British Journalist were quite reluctant to tell the truth for the pleasure they have been giving to the men for the sake of money. They told that men have been coming here just to enjoy their songs and dances and nothing else. She said that nothing bad activity happened other than dances and songs during their time in that inside Lahore place.

While the survey by British Journalist which had video documentary of that lady who revealed shocking facts of her life and that bad place of Lahore. Her son and daughter wished for a better future for themselves as they never wanted their mother to carry on this immoral activity at that bad place in Lahore. Her daughter wanted to have beautiful home in the luxurious area of Lahore and wanted to leave that place.

British Journalist Does Survey on Bad Place in Lahore

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