Surprising Ghost Valley

A surprising valley came up to people’s attention which surprised them big time. For a moment no one believed it but when many one them visited such valley it appeared to be ghost place for them. Many of the visitors started to get scared. It was the place discovered by some of the men passing through that way on their car and then they found the upside slope on the road.

That valley then became famous for its surprising feature and was known as ghost place. The amazing characteristic of that place is that on that particular place the roads have slope upside down. The cars despite of upside down slope were driven automatically reverse towards the upper slope. The speed of the cars went up to 100 Km/Hr without switching on the ignition.

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Despite of the upside down slope on the roads of that place the cars’ speed dropped down to zero and these started to driven back in the reverse direction. The drivers could not understand the reason behind this unusual place. Everything in this universe is supposed to go towards the upside down slope but at this place car and buses despite of the upside down slope start to drive backward.

This ghost valley became very famous place and many people avoid passing through this way as they feel it’s a haunted place. A video has been uploaded here which was made by a passenger who showed it to his friends and relatives. A man with his wife and kid stopped their car at that place and shot a video.

This valley has also some news related to the Prophet (PBUH)’s era. Some religious people have told that this is the place where His female Camel ran on the roads and came back to the Prophet alone since she could not live with the Prophet (PBUH).

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