Surprising Birth in Hospital

Surprising birth happened in the foreign hospital when the baby was born with different state. The video showed that some body parts were not familiar to the normal babies. It has some pictures of babies and old people with extra body parts. A picture showed of a baby with three eyes. The pictured showed that he was wearing glasses and it looked like as if the person who looked at him had some eyes sight problem.

The hospital management also confirmed that some of the births in the hospital amazed everybody including the doctors who never knew the reasons of such births. The news was shared on the news channel as well. Doctors said that such births of extra body parts also surprised them as well. Along with the baby having three eyes, other babies were also born.

Doctors said that it all was due to some complications during the delivery process and pregnancy. Some complications caused the unusual birth of such babies. Some pictures showed that babies born with more than one arm and it was not a normal delivery that happened there. New Channel management had reported the news earlier too on their news channel. The news was also shared on internet.

Baby with Extra Body Parts

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