Stupid Questions to Female Students

A man asked questions in a language similar to the language which looked to be an alien. He just did it just for the sake for the publicity of his channel on social media. He was believed by everyone to be a person who did not their language though the man knowing fooled them. Nobody could understand for a single moment that they all could be fooled.

All female students and boys answered questions by giving hand gestures and making him understand the English language. But later on they all got shocked when the boy talked to someone on the phone call in their language. Then they realized that the funny guy had made fun of all of them and they started to laugh too. The guy then told everybody that he had placed hidden cams to record these funny moments.

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These sorts of pranks have been getting popular these days as social media has become part of favorite pass time. Many boys and girls have developed their YouTube channels for funny videos to get fame and healthy income too. The purpose of these videos are just to have fun and enjoy life as the modern day life has become very boring and hectic.

The man asked questions by asking different girls and boys of his own age about his destination. But he did not use their native language and despite he acted like an alien. Almost everyone present there believed that he cannot understand Urdu or English so he was treated in a friendly way. The funny guy who was doing pranks with the people could not continue it for a long way as he did not want to irritate them.

Firstly all were amazed at funny questions but later on they thought the guy was an alien in reality and cannot understand their language. So almost everyone present there tried their best to make him understand in whatever gestures by their hands and little bit English. The funny guy in the end surprised them by taking a fake call in the same Urdu and English language making them laugh out loudly.

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