Stunt Man Loses Its Trouser in Bull Fight in Spain

A bull fight that held in Spain had become quite deadly for the stunt man since the animal almost injected its horn in the body of the stunt man. It took off the trouser of the stunt man and almost inserted its horn in his body but he was quite lucky to run from the middle as other partners came to rescue him.

Bull fight was held in the city of Spain where it was banned earlier due to congestion of the area as the officials said that it could cause injury to the people who had come from different parts of the country. The sport was televised in major cities of Spain and also it was aired in many countries as well. The dangerous fight has been remembered due to its unique incident.

As the stunt man went in the middle to show some tricks with the animal in Spain, it started to get angry and ran after the stunt man. He tried his utmost to get out of the way of the animal that was quite strongly built but could not do so. The giant animal tried to attack the stunt man with its horn and tried to insert it in his body.

Deadly bull fight was not the first one that was played by that stunt man but the animal was quite angry in Spain. While the dangerous animal tried to take revenge it took off the trouser of the stunt man. Everybody was so surprised to see his trouser getting off but they did realize the fact that it happened since the animal got really angry and attacked the stunt man in Spain with its horn.

The strange bull fight was liked and watched by so many people in the country of Spain and the video of the incident went viral on the social media due to its uniqueness. Many bulls participated in that fight but this was the only animal that turned so violent and almost injured the stunt man. he felt quite lucky to be in the safest zone.

Strange Bull Fight in Spain

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