Stunt Man in Mumbai Falls of Train

Stunt man in Mumbai fell of train while he was trying to show stunt out of the window of the train. He was doing it successfully but this time the stunt went wrong and he had to face terrible injury during his stunt.

Train in Mumbai was going at very fast speed and the stunt boy was hanging out of the window to show stunt with one hand. During his whole stunt he did not get any hurdle in his way and he was doing it very successfully in the train while his friends were recording the video in the train. They never knew that it might be a dangerous thing to do.

As his friends were recording the video and they were enjoying it as well the stunt boy happened to collide with the electric pole while he was hanging his head outside. He got severe injury to his head and fell of the train when he was standing in the door of the train. His friends were in real shock since they never expected.

Police in Mumbai reached the place where the incident happened and they called the emergency staff of the doctors who gave the stunt man initial treatment. This sort of incident never happened before and he fell down. Doctors said that it might be difficult for the stunt man to recover very soon.

Channel in Mumbai also reached there to cover the news of the incident of the stunt man when he collided with the electric pole and got severe injuries. This sort of incident never happened before since he has been pretty successful.

Stunt Goes Wrong

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