Stunt Goes Wrong in Mumbai

In Mumbai, the stunt had gone wrong when a young man tried to show some tricks to his friends in the train. He was trying to be very sharp by hanging outside the door of the train. The stunt went wrong and he collided with the electric pole that came in his way. The collision of the boy, who was showing stunt to his friend, resulted in serious head injury to the boy.

Train in Mumbai was going very fast and the boy came out of the train and stood in the door of the train from where all the passengers used to enter and exit. Despite of the speed of the train that was running at the speed of node, the young boy did not stop doing his stunt and tried to be very clever. Although he has been doing this stunt many times in the past yet he failed to succeed it.

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The video of the incident was recorded by some of his friends who had put some money on him being very successful in the past. The boy collided with the electric pole and got the injury in the head. He fell down the moment he was hit with the pole. Other friends of him were really scared of his injury.

Police of Mumbai reached the place in time and all the medical treatment was provided to the young boy who was there to show his stunt in the train. This incident was not less than a shock to his friends who were present there and never expected such thing.

Incident in Mumbai shocked the family of the boy who was supposed to show stunt. Due to the medical treatment he was able to get well soon despite of the severe injury to his health.

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