Student’s Mother Punishes School Principal

Strange incident with principal happened in a private school when a mother of a school student beat the headmistress of the school. The incident was very strange for all the teachers and the students present in the school. The CCTV footage of the incident was brought to the notice of the police station so that a sever action was taken against the mother of the student.

The principal of the private school was a female and she had never expected such a shameful act from the parents of the students although she did not do anything bad with any of the students or the teachers of that school. The case was registered against the lady who beat the headmistress and tried to punish her for her act.

After inquiring the matter the police station officers found out that the lady who has been seen beating the headmistress of the private school only asked that lady’s daughter to not to take her mobile phone in the class as it wasn’t good for her as it has been the famous school of the city. She also meant to object the possession of the mobile phone in the class as all the other students were getting disturbed.

The principal has been very strict on the principles and the code of conduct of the private school as it was the only key of success of that school. The student happened to belong to an elite class and took that as a jealousy. The student told her mother after exaggerating the issue of not taking the mobile phone with her to the school.

Against the advice of principal, the mother of the female student got angry on her and she decided to take revenge of humiliation of her daughter. She stepped in her office the next day and started to beat the headmistress up as she believed that incident was derogatory for her daughter and herself as well.

School Principal Gets Punished by Student’s Mother

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