Strange Video of Angels in Makkah

Angels in Makkah on the roof of Khana Kaaba were seen according to some people on the social media. Video of that incident went viral and it was being watched by many Muslims including other non Muslims as well. The authenticity has not been verified yet as nobody from the country of Saudi Arabia or Muslims community called that video to be true.

On the eve of Hajj in Makkah, according to that video a white colored creature appeared on the roof in the holy place. The video of that incident was also being televised by some of the news channels in the Muslims country but only few Muslims might have accepted that video to be real. Most of the people have called that video clip to be untrue.

The officials of the some Muslim countries including the one Saudi Arabia, have said that the news of angels appearing on the roof of the holy home of Allah have been totally baseless and no such video has been declared valid to aired on the social media and on the news channels.

Makkah has been the holy place for all the Muslims around the globe and Muslims gather there to perform their pious activity called to be the Hajj. It was said by that due to the pious month of Hajj, some of angels landed to listen to the sacred words that were being spoken by the Muslims. After watching the video some people might say that it looked a real one but it cannot be verified until some official of Muslims from that country authenticate it.

In Makkah, the landing of such angels in white color has not been seen by any of the pilgrim in the history of events of Hajj. While talking to some of the pilgrims present there at the holy place, some people have said that this baseless news of angles might have been created by some non Muslims. They have called this news as propaganda of non Muslims.

Reports of Angels in Makkah on Khana Kaaba Roof

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