Strange Tradition of India Get Exposed

Strange tradition of India was exposed when a video song went viral on the social media that has some strange and shocking pictures of neighboring country. The video had the compilation of some pictures and video clips of the Indian culture in which their people have been doing some pathetic stuff which has been totally unacceptable to the humanity.

The tradition of India had some strange things in that video when some people were drinking the urine of the cow and they have been worshiping the animal as they believed that it has been one of their gods. The video also had some shocking pictures in which the females have been harassed by some police officers and it was totally against the humanity.

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There was an incident reported that has also been included in that video when some women from India protested on the roads against the Indian army and their protest was totally strange to the protests that have ever been held. It was totally against the humanity that those women were the victim of Indian army and the protest was strange in a sense that all the ladies took of their dresses.

Another tradition of India has been that their prime minister has been boasting around and he himself had no ability to be at that position to become the prime minister of India. It has become their culture to misbehave with the females and the young ladies since most of the females have been the victim of the Indian people.

That tradition of India has been totally different to the Pakistani culture. Women have been given great respect in Pakistan which has been something quite different between the cultures of two countries. That video of the neighboring country showed the real face of them by compiling different video clips and pictures.

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