Strange Reaction for Proposing a Girl

Boys do have different ways of proposing girls. Some may invite girls for dinner then giving them rings asking them to be their life partners. Boys always expect positive responses from the girls for proposing them. But sometimes you may get shocking response from the person who you are proposing.

Some boys take proposing as a very funny thing because they think that the girl whom they are proposing would not mind any prank. But girls find it very disgusting when they see any prank by the boys while proposing them. Girls may slap you in you in return so they should be aware of the fact that if they are sincere enough with any girl then they should not make proposing a funny thing.

It has been seen the strange reactions occur to the boys while they propose any girl. People may expect beating from the girls if boys behave stupidly while proposing but no one would think of same reaction of beating from the boy as well. This situation seems to be quite funny for the people who hear it but it could be the last meeting for the couple.

Different ways of proposing girls are found in different parts of this world. Mostly in Europe men could be quite straightforward in proposing women without any stupid stuff or pranks when they are quite serious in making their new relationship, which depends on the trust of both the partners.But the way of proposing to the women in Muslim countries could be different as compared to the European countries.

In the past Muslim girls and boys did not tend to have open meetings in the restaurants due to the culture and restrictions from their families if they belonged to pious families. Boys used to just send their parents to the girls’ parents’ home asking them to marrying their boy. So one could not expect  any strange reactions from any side. But with the passage of time the ways of proposing and strange reactions have changed a lot in this new era.

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