Strange Noises from Grave Stun People

Strange noise from grave surprised everyone the other day. It was quite shocking for the all the Muslims who just heard the different voices in the graveyard. Muslims, who believed in Islam, always had that belief that the people who have done good deeds in this world, are supposed to get peace once they are buried after death.

Grave of those people, who did not do good deeds in their lives, is supposed to be bad place for them. It is people’s choice to choose the right path. Allah has showed the right path to people belong to Islam and other religions. In other religions they might not believe in this belief. But Muslims all over the world believe in this fact.

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A strange incident happened when some Muslims were passing through the graveyard and they heard some strange noise and voices from there. They got scared and thought that it might be some ghosts at that place. But as they neared the exact location of that noise then they got to know that it was not any ghost or witch at that place.

A grave happened to be the exact location from where that noise was coming from. Muslims, who just noticed this incident of strange voices, then had gone back to their home and told the whole incident to their friends and the religious men from their lane who had studied the Islam more than those two men.

They all heard noise from grave and noticed that the voice was similar to the heart beat of human being. Muslims including little children and their fathers had also heard the strange voice coming out of graveyard. The footage of that incident was made by many young boys who reported that notice. The video was quite surprising for everyone present in there.

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