Strange Decision Given by Umpire

Strange Decision Given by Umpire. Inzimam-ul-Haq, Pakistan’s former captain and middle order batsman once punished Indian fan during a one day match at Toronto Cricket Stadium during Sahara Cup for abusing him. It was the rare kind of fight during a cricket match. You may have seen cricket players having a tussle and sledging or even arguing with the umpire upon any controversial decision. But this rare incident happened when a match was played in Toronto, Canada between India and Pakistan in Sahara Cup.

Umpire Gives Legendary batsman Inzimam-ul-Haq was very cool and calm when he used to bat in the middle order. He was always known for his laziness between the wickets and also for running himself or his partner out. Probably he was involved in most run outs in the One day international matches. He always looked irritated while taking singles.

This incident happened way back in 1997. An Indian fan from the crowd, who was present there to support his team started to call Inzimam with different names. He started to abuse him and Pakistan while Inzi was fielding in the slips. He first warned the fan stop shouting and abusing but Indian fan kept teasing him and called him Potato. The star batsman could not bear his humiliation for the long time.

Suddenly Umpire and Inzimam entered the area where the Indian fan was sitting in the Toronto stadium. Then he started punishing that Indian fan by hitting him with his hands. All the players, umpires and security staff came to rescue the fan that continuously irritated Inzimam. Other Indian fans were also backing him when he was making jokes and got the deserved treatment.

All Pakistani players came and Umpire there and tried to separate Inzi from the man. When legendary batsman was fielding near the boundary line, the same man again provoked him. So, Inzimam-ul-Haq took the bat and tried to punish him again for his abusive language but he was then taken out of the ground of Toronto Stadium by the security officials.

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