Strange Act of Arab Man Shocks Officials

Animal rights were humiliated by a boy when he did something strange act with them and also he uploaded the pictures on social media as well. The news of this incident was not less than a shock for the officials of the department of wildlife. They did not take notice of the news until it went viral on the news channels.

Precious animal likes of deer which have been quite rare in the wildlife of this planet were hunted by a boy and nobody did notice of the incident. He was so keen of hunting that he uploaded some pictures on his face book account with the deer. He knew that this was the most precious type of deer and it has been quite rare in other countries as well.

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Hunting of this type of deer of wildlife has been banned by the officials of the wildlife department due to the uniqueness of this kind. But the rules of this ban were broken by the stupid by. When the news of this incident was aired on the private channel and they contacted the officials of the wildlife department, they denied such incident.

The pictures of the animal of this type were uploaded on the social media sites and those were brought to the notice of the officials of the wildlife by the news channel men, then the officials assured to take legal action against the boy who was found doing that strange act knowingly. Reports have also said that the man blamed for this act did not know about the ban of this type of deer.

Laws about animal of this category which has been quite rare were in implementation but the guy did not know about them. The officials of the wildlife department have said that they have been trying to trace the car number which could be seen in the pictures which were uploaded on social media for the strict action against him.

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