Story of Another Taj Mehal Getting Famous

Another Taj Mehal was built by a Muslim old man lived in India. The famous building that was known to everybody looked similar to the one that was built by the old Muslim man. Story of his life really made everyone cried. The building was built by the old man himself when his wife died after tumor. The old Muslim man loved her wife so much that he built the same building for her.

That Taj Mehal was built by the man himself for his wife since they both didn’t have any child and she was so worried about herself after her death. The wife of that old Muslim man lived in India always had worries that after their death who would be remembering them. The old Muslim man promised his wife to build a special building in front of their house.

The grave of the wife of the old Muslim man was built in the same building in remembrance of her. The old man showed the grave of her wife that was covered with the cloth and he also showed that the other grave alongside her wife’s grave was supposed to be his grave. He said that after his death he wanted people to bury himself in the same grave along with the grave of her wife.

The great Taj Mehal building was so amazingly built that the old Muslim man himself told that its foundation was ten feet low in the ground while the thickness of the walls of the tomb were fifteen inches. He also explained that the height of that building in which his was buried in the grave was fifteen feet tall.

Video of that Taj Mehal was shared on social media that made everyone felt for the old Muslim man who has been living alone and ruing of being alone. The grave of her wife always reminded him of their good days when they both lived together happily.

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