South African Cheetah Gets British Woman

South African Cheetah Gets British Woman and suddenly attacked the tourist who continued to tease it. The animal could not sustain the acts that were being done by the tourist. The dangerous animal looked to be playing with the tourist who was also giving interview to the host of the news channel. The dangerous animal was kept in the cage.

British Woman was looking at Giant lion that looked very playful animal that was playing with the tourist. The anchor of the news channel was questioning him the trick of playing with the animal. The tourist had some friendly relations with the animal as he kept on touching it and playing with it despite of the fact that it was kept in the cage and could not come outside.

The camera man of the news channel was busy in recording the interview of the tourist who had trained with the animal. During the whole interview the animal tried to catch the arm of tourist while the tourist never let it do that. This act of tourist irritated the animal many times but it could not grab the part of the body of the tourist.

The lion got so much irritated by the teasing of the British tourist that it managed to attack the tourist when it was busy in giving interview to the anchor of the news channel. It happened so quickly that the tourist could not escape and got the victim of the animal. It grabbed the arm of the man through the hole of the cage and continued to have a strangle hold on it.

Attack of lion happened in such a short time that the man could not expect it and kept on trying to get his arm release from the grip of the animal. Another man and the anchor of the news channel started to help the other man so that he could release his arm. After some struggle they were able to succeed in releasing himself from the grip of the animal but in the meantime it had hurt the tourist.

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