Soldiers Fight at the Wagah Border

At wagah border soldiers of Pakistan and India fought with each other when they both had misconception of crossing the border. The incident took place on March 2 when the flag raising ceremony was being held and many people were sitting on both sides of the border. The ceremony of flag raising event took place with great passion.

The soldiers of both the countries did not fight with intentions as they had wee bit misconception of stepping in other territory. Wagah border has been a place where every year there has been flag raising ceremony taking place for quite some time. People from both the countries have been going to see the rangers of both the countries performing their duties with great passion.

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The news of that incident went viral on some of the news channels of enemy as they have been showing the viewers that the incident was caused by the Pakistani rangers’ as one of them deliberately crossed the line of the border. However the video of the event clearly showed that nobody did cross the line intentionally.

Soldiers at wagah border have been very vigilant and the army men sitting there to see the flag raising ceremony had clarified that it was just a misconception as none of the rangers from their side did it intentionally. He further explained that it was all due to the confusion as their parts of the body crossed unintentionally.

The Indian soldier blamed the other man for starting the fight with each other. The situation was controlled as the army men from both the countries, who were sitting there in the crowd, stepped in to finish the little quarrel. After that incident at Wagah border the flag raising ceremony was completed within time. Many news channels had also their representatives present at that place to cover the event.

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