Sister of Brett Lee Surprise World

Sister of Brett Lee surprised the world when she also joined the team Australia as a fast bowler. She has earned lots of fame since her brother was a fastest bowler of the team Australia. The cricket board of Australia could not help stop the news from spreading on social media. All the people living in Australia started to have interest in her bowling. It was said that her brother Brett Lee was source of inspiration for the lady to come and play as international player.

Brett Lee himself was one of the quickest fast bowlers in the world. He has played for Australia for some time and gained a lot a success and fame. After him Lee’s sister has started to amuse the world of cricket fans. Ms. Lee has also rated as the quickest female fast bowler world has seen so far. She has touched the highest mark on radar many times.


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Brett Lee was the first one to touch 100 Miles per hour after Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar. However, he was not quick enough to break the bearer of 101.1 Miles per hour. Lee was only able to bowl up to 100.23 Miles per hour. However, Lee’s sister looks like has enough energy and determination to stay at the top for a long time.

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