Sikh Trouser Falls Down on Wedding

Sikh Trouser Fell Down on Wedding when he along with his wife were taking part in the ceremony. They were walking in the circle as per their rituals but strange incident happened during that ritual ceremony as the trouser of Sikh fell down. He felt really shy about this incident and kept on holding his trouser during that period of time.

Sikh had to go through bad time during the wedding event when his trouser started to fall suddenly. He bent down to take it up in his hands. The groom could not believe that he had to be facing such an incident on the happy moment of his life. His wife was also watching the scene but she could not dare enough to go and help her husband. The groom was laughing and he knew that other persons were also laughing.

Women along with little girls were sitting next to couple and were enjoying the funny moment. The video of the falling trouser went viral on the social media and people started to feel bad for the groom who had to face such embarrassing moment on his wedding day. The wife also felt sorry for her husband.

Sikh Pant Falls down

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