Sightless Man Shows Great Courage to Save Girl

Mumbai: A sightless man showed great courage by saving a young beautiful girl from a troublesome guy in the city of Mumbai. He showed everybody that his disability to see things could not come in his way to help others. He actually expressed his love for human being. Although he was void handed but was a brave man which scared the person tried to harass the lady.

Sightless man despite of being homeless helped the girl to go back to her home safely. As she was being harassed by a bystander continuously on a bus stop. The lady had been waiting there for his boyfriend who got late due to his car whose tyre got punctured on the way. She got angry with him for being so late as it got very dark in the evening.

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In the meantime a bystander saw the girl alone and wanted to take advantage of her beauty and loneliness. He started harassing her but warned by a man sitting at some distance to not to do it. But he did not listen to him. The man sitting near to the female scared him of bad consequences in case the bystander kept on doing such a bad act.

Who in the end got scared of threats and fled from there. The girl was shocked as she got to know the helper was a sightless man. She did not have any words for bind man’s courage which escaped her from a situation that could have been worst for her had the sightless man did not come in their way.

The beautiful lady then went back to her house safely and did not forget this incident for some days. She now has great respect for the persons who are not blessed like normal human beings but have the guts to raise their voices and save humanity as that sightless man turned out to be her survivor despite of his seeing ability.

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