Sightless Man Saves Innocent Girl

Mumbai: A sightless man saved an innocent girl from a guy who tried to harass her. The lady was teased continuously by a vagabond who was wandering in the streets. The beautiful young lady who had been waiting for her boyfriend at a bus stop got into trouble as vagabond boy tried to harass her.

A sightless man happened to be at the same place where the girl from Mumbai was waiting for her friend to come. It surprised her big time as she did not know that the person who escaped her from the trouble could not really see with his eyes. She actually got impressed by his bravery and thanked him for his this kind of act which other might have not come.

Harassing women are the cases which have been increasing in this country for last ten years. It has been the real cause of fear for women who have to go out of their homes to make some money for the livelihood of themselves and for their families as well. According to some news this part of the world is going to the top of the list where such incidents have happened in high numbers.

This turned out to be the breaking news for the whole news media that a sightless man saved the life of a helpless girl. She had to wait for a long time at a public place which was very busy before the sunset. Her boyfriend had never thought that she could get into trouble because of his late arrival though that wasn’t what he intended.

Young girl phoned her friend to ask why he was late as it was getting dark all over, whose car’s tyre got punctured. In the mean time the vagabond tried to take advantage of loneliness of the lady and started to harass her. Luckily a man raised his voice and asked him to go away and leave her alone. The man who was harassing got scared of him and fled from there. The girl realized at that moment that who escaped her from that guy was a sightless man.

Sightless Man Showing Bravery to Save Innocent Girl

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