Shocking Reality of Foreign Media Influencing Youth

Foreign media has been influencing the youth and the kids of small ages as shown by the report the female reporter of a news channel. She has showed the bitter and shocking reality of this era where small children have been copying the way of living of foreign culture reaching through the dramas and the movies.

Media of foreign countries have been liked by the housewives and the small children who had to stay at homes since the men of the families have been going to their jobs. The shocking reality was disclosed the female reporter of a news channel. The foreign culture has been reaching through the new way of Cable TV.

Since the introduction of Cable TV, it has made easy for all the classes of society to have access to the international dramas and movies through their dramas and movies. The movies in the past were highly criticized by every resident and the parents of small children as they have been following the hero’s and the Heroines.

The media has always played vital role while bringing up new generation and they have always gained something from the media by watching different news channels and the dramas. The female reporter of a news channels went to a family whose small children have been influenced badly by the foreign dramas and movies.

The foreign culture have influenced their lives in such a way that at small age they tried to use foreign way of worshiping, even the small children have been copying the style of their talking way. The female reporter of the news channels had talked to the mother of the children about the foreign culture’s effect in their lives, the lady replied proudly that their children have learnt things very early; she further said that there was no harm in watching foreign dramas and movies.

Foreign Media Spoils Youth

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