Shocking Images of Shooting in Paris

Paris has been attacked by some group of people on thirteen November that shocked the whole world. Many people were gunned by those people who attacked to spread threat in the country. A video that went viral on the social media was captured by some of the residents who were present there in their flats.

Paris has never had such kind of attacks from enemy and it has been the safest place on the earth but some group of people really sabotaged the peace of the country and the whole world was saddened by the dreadful incident. Residents were also scared of the shooting by that group who wanted to spread hatred and terror in the country.

Video Link :

Resident of that place where the incident happened managed to record the video that had shocking graphics and the images of the shooting by those people were also caught by the camera of the residents of that lane.

Paris attack has really saddened the officials of the country and it was also reported that many other blasts happened in France near the football stadium too. The video of that football stadium also went viral on social media and many people watched it on the internet.

Paris the city of France never had such incidents in the past and France has been the peaceful country of the world where so many people have been visiting to find jobs. The residents of France were really scared of the attacks and said that it was quite disturbing for the whole country of France.


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