Shocking Answer of Film Actress over Vulgarity Surprised People

Emerging film actress who has acted very boldly in the new movie that has stunned the public answered shockingly to the female host in the morning show about the immoral dress and the bold scenes. People did not like her comments about the criticism that was being made on her but she did not feel ashamed of herself.

Female film actress Sohai Ali Abro was quite bold in her comments in the morning show as well and she never felt shy replying to the bold questions as well. Female host asked her about the immoral dress and the bold scenes in the song of the movie and she replied that people have short memories and they might forget it very soon and stop talking about it.

Sohai Ali Abro has emerged as one of the females belonged to showbiz industry that has got fame very shortly and her family members also supported her in the showbiz industry. The female host of the morning show asked if she ever felt ashamed of the song that she acted in the previous movie but she said that she never had any regrets.

This film actress was not the one who acted quite boldly in the new movies but there was another lady Mehwish Hayat who had also acted very boldly in the item song by exposing her body parts but they both did not feel any ashamed of themselves. Mehwish Hayat also said that she wanted to do something attractive and it was not vulgar at all.

Film actress Sohai Ali Abro also had the same thoughts about acting in the vulgar movies that have been demanding females to expose their body skin by which they can attract lots of viewers. The female host of the morning show gave lots of sarcastic comments and questions about her immoral bold scenes; she said that nobody cares about such incidents.

Film Actress Shocking Answer

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