Sharp Monkey Fights with King Cobra in Forest

A Forest turned out to be the worst battlefield for the animals as the two dangerous animals in the shape of king cobra and monkey fought with each other till one became the food for the other. This fight of the two deadliest animals of the wildlife went viral on the social media and in the news channels likes of national geographic.

Ministry of Forests also confirmed that the particular fight was never seen in that particular area before. In the past people must have witnessed the fights between the cobras and anacondas. They may also have seen King cobra fighting with the same reptiles just for the sake of food. The video was captured by the tourist who visited there to research on wildlife and animal planet.

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The monkeys mostly are found in large numbers in the fields of Indian and Africa too. In India these animals are seen in large numbers in their residential areas too but the people do not care about their existence in their normal lives. Some of the people are found feeding them as they are kept as a pet there.

It was the unique fight of the forest as no one witnessed the fight between the monkey and the king cobra before. The monkeys are supposed to be the sharpest and the intelligent creature of this animal planet. At the start of the fight the King Cobra showed no signs of attack and it just kept on waiting for the attack of the monkey.

This forest that happened to host this deadly fight has had fights previously of the snakes with other reptiles. But this particular fight of this wildlife was strange in a sense that it was between a reptile and a sharp animal. The monkey has been very agile in defending the attacks of king cobra and in the end it just captured the mouth of the reptile with its agile tricks and made it for its meal.

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