Shark Eats Man Outside Beach Resorts

Near beach resorts a bad incident happened when a huge shark ate the man alive in front of everyone when they were having fun. Nobody knew about that dangerous incident and afterwards all the people who were present there got shocked. This was the most dangerous incident that ever took place at the seashore.

Beach resorts were made outside the sea so that tourists and people coming from different part of the world could enjoy their weekends. It was the safest place; where in the past people had enjoyed the best of the holidays. The weather forecast was fine and everything was also supposed to be fine for the amazing holiday.

A man accompanied with a beautiful lady also had come to have fun on their weekend. His other friends were also busy in having fun and they were recording those moments when the strange thing happened. While the video was being made, a huge shark appeared behind the lady who was posing for the video. They all got stunned when that shark darted at their friend who was playing on the seashore.

People from the beach resorts could see that heartening incident that really shook everybody including the staff. Life guards had reached that place in a hurry and they started to make arrangements to save that man from the deadly shark. Many people had witnessed this incident of shark attacking the man alive on the seashore.

Beach resorts were full of media men and tourists who had come to report that incident. The video of that incident had spread in very short time on the internet and on the news channels too. The relatives of that man who was attacked by the shark, was also in a shock and they contacted the officials of the department of seashore. It was the saddest moment of that area and people started to think of some other place to enjoy their weekends.

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