Shameful Video of Girls on Eid Festival Shocks People

On Eid festival, the shameful video of girls in vulgar dresses has shocked the people. The video has been made by some of the local boy during the shopping in the markets. Due to this event many girls and women were seen in unacceptable dresses. The video of such girls went viral on the social media and also in the news channels as well.

Eid festival is celebrated after the holy month of Ramadan by every Muslim of the world. Young girls and boys tend to go in the markets to buy some dresses for themselves. The markets and the shops are fully crowded. Due to the excess of young male and female customers in the shops and in the markets, many incidents have been reported where girls have been harassed by the young boys.

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Despite of the fact that some of the young boys also go out in the markets where the young girls and ladies shop for such eve. Modern environment with the help of excess of internet and cable TV has urged females to go against their family tradition. Many girls and ladies have been seen wearing dresses which have been either transparent or too fit.

On Eid festival, another shameful act has been seen in the shops of the busy markets. The shop owners had placed CCTV cameras in their ladies trial rooms. The CCTV cameras have been made in such shape that these could not be traced. The shop owners then record the videos through these cameras while young girls and ladies changed their dresses.

Despite of Eid Festival, the security men have been deployed to face any incident where boys tried to tease young girls who had come with their mothers. This shameful act has been arising in the upcoming generation due to the excess of Indian culture through the TV dramas and Indian movies which have been aired on the private channels.

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