Shameful Leisure Time Activities in Private School

A private school was found to be an entertainment for the students when they had the time to do shameful leisure time activities. The private institute was a coeducation one where boys and girls students did not feel shame and did some shameful activities when their classes were off during the break time. The management showed negligence and let the students do anything.

The school management was reported for such an unethical activity by the parents of one of the student who was present there shooting the video of their activities. The officials and management of the coeducation institute assured the parents for not allowing such leisure time in the private institute. For that very purposed they had installed CCTV cameras also so that they could keep an eye on the activities of the students during their off time.

As it was a coeducation institute so both the boys and girls did not hesitate for any moment as they all had quite good relations with each other. They had a bet which the female students lost and they had to bend themselves in a queue like horses facing their faces downwards towards the ground. The winners who were boys ran and jumped on their backs and sat on them one by one.

Although the private school provided great opportunities to all the students irrelevant of the gender and they all got good marks in their respective subjects. But yet their allowance for such activities could not be compromised by the parents. The video got viral on social media that turned the reputation of that particular institute down.

Only an international private school could be the place where such a leisure time activities happened. The parents of the students started to feel insecure after watching such video. They thought that these sorts of activities during the break time could affect the attitude of their kids and they might not listen to their parents one day once they grow up.

Shameful Activities In Private School

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