Shameful Dance of Meera in Morning Show Irritate Viewers

Morning show irritated the viewers when they had to watch something very immoral on the entertainment channel that was supposed to telecast reasonable shows. Male host of the program had invited Meera the famous film actress of Loll wood industry due to her scandals. She was invited in the program along with other co actors of the showbiz industry.

Host of Morning Show Sahir Lodhi asked all of them to dance on a song that was being played in the background. Saleem Sheikh who has also worked in the showbiz industry and has become very mature actor danced quite vulgarly with the film actress. Although many viewers had also been watching the program at that place still they did not take care of the ethics.

Shameful act was done by Rambo as well with the film actress Meera when he kissed the film actress during the song and the dance. So many people did not expect such thing from the actors and the Meera in the program. Many viewers who had been watching the show at their homes also complained about their immoral dance.

That morning show was organized on the eve of the Eid festival and many girls were also there to watch the program in which Meera and Rambo danced vulgarly. Rambo crossed the limit by taking off the scarf of Meera during the dance which she had around her neck. He also kissed the film actress as well as if they were shooting for the film in the showbiz industry.

The Morning show host of the program came in the dance in the funny way by putting on the scarf of Meera on both of them but all the viewers who were watching the program felt really embarrassing. They complained to the private channel to ban such vulgar acts.

Rambo Kisses Meera

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