Shameful Acts of Girls During Eid Festival

Eid festival has been the festival for the Muslims to celebrate after the holy month of Ramadan. On this eve many the markets and streets are usually crowded with both men and women along with the kids. Many incidents have been seen when the girls and women wear immoral dresses when they went to the markets for the shopping purpose.

Due to Eid festival, many young boys have been also found doing cheap activities with the girls. Despite of the fact that the markets have been crowded with the boys too, the young girls had worn different dresses which could be attracted to the young boys. For this purpose many security guards have been also allocated to stop any activity of harassing girls by the young boys.

The particular video has been captured by some of the boys that went viral on the social media. It could be seen in the video that how vulgar the dresses that have been worn by the young and old ladies. The common perception has been that the young girls and some ladies for elite class knowingly wear those dresses to attract young boys just for the sake of having fun.

On the eve of Eid festival, another shameful act was seen in the shops of some busy markets. Many incidents have been reported where the owner of the shops had placed CCTV cameras in their dress change room. These CCTV cameras have been built in such a shape that nobody could have any idea of it placed in the trial rooms.

On recent Eid festivals, the trend of young girls and boys going to the markets for shopping has increased. Due to the access of cable TV and internet, new generation especially young girls and boys have been ruined by the modern style of showing their dresses to the opposite gender.

Shameful Video on Eid Festival

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