Shameful Act with Indian Girl in front of Public

Indian girl was treated badly in front of Police in one of the province in India. Many people were also present there to see such pathetic act with the lower cast girl. The lady was treated badly just because she belonged to a lower cast group. It all happened in front of the Police who did not respond to stop the immoral incident.

Indian girl started to shout very hard called for help but nobody present there stepped forward to rescue that poor lady from the men who took off their clothes in front of whole society. The whole society despite of being very active for the Human rights did not do anything to save the lady from the dangerous people.

The incident happened in one of the province of India and the police members were also present there to stop the riots that were taking place in the province but the police men did not heed the shout and help of the poor woman. The video of the incident when human rights were mismanaged was recorded by the people who were present there and became helpless in front of the people who were doing such shameful act.

Poor Indian girl never expected such reaction from the police men who were supposed to help her out by saving from cruel people who raped her and took off clothes from her body in front of whole society. This was not the first time that such incident happened in India despite of being very proactive for the human rights.

News of Indian girl being treated badly went viral on the news channels and all the people who were watching the news condemned the issue and raised the issues to the officials of the province when they said that it was quite shocking for everybody that it all happened in front of Police men.

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