Shameful Act of IPL Cheer Girl Shocks People

IPL cheer girl shocked everyone with her shameful act when she was caught by the Indian Police the other day. The cheerleader has been cheer leading for the team of Kolkata Knight Riders during the ongoing Indian Premier League matches. She along with other cheer girls was contracted by the team for supporting and cheering them during their innings.

IPL has been the successful event in the country of India where many overseas cricket players have been coming to participate from different international teams. An exciting event of cheer leading was introduced in this tournament when it was launched in South Africa in the first audition. Young and attractive female cheerleaders were hired to motivate the team players and entertain the crowd.

The shocking news of cheer leader being arrested for doing immoral activities for the sake of money was aired on a news channel. The report showed that the young female cheer girl belonged to Mumbai was selected in a reality show for cheer lead the team of Kolkata Knight Rider and entertain the viewers during the successful shots.

IPL cheer girl was reported to be doing immoral activities in a famous hotel for the sake of money with the help of her middle woman. The video of this incident went viral on the social media and on the electronic media as well since she has been supporting the famous team of the Indian Premier League.

During the IPL match she used to entertain the viewers and the crowd with her attractive gestures which made her quite attractive to all the young men. Along with her agent who happened to be an old lady was also caught during the raid when a policeman disguised himself as the client of that lady for having some fun in the night. The police raided that night and caught both the ladies and have been investigating for the whole group as well.

IPL Cheerleader Gets Arrested for Shameful Act

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