Shahrukh Khan Surprises in IPL

Shahrukh Khan surprised every spectator in IPL match when he got the ball in his hand and got the opportunity to bowl. He had to defend eight runs and could not afford any lose balls in the match that was played in India. Bollywood hero has been liked by so many fans in India and they could not believe their favorite hero bowling in the match of IPL. Everybody sitting in India got dejected when he wasted the first delivery by bowling a wide ball.

Shahrukh Khan always wanted to play in the IPL first edition but he never got the chance in India. All the management of IPL first edition decided to organize a match between the Bollywood stars and the coaches of the cricket teams that were participating in the IPL first edition. Everybody was very excited about the match.

That match got attention of many cricket fans who were present in the stadium. They wanted to see their hero of the Bollywood industry to show his skills in the ground of the that IPL tournament as well. This was the time when they could see their hero in the cricket field as well. Their hopes were quite high from the hero of the Bollywood industry.

Shahrukh Khan decided to go and win the match by bowling the second last over in which he had to contain the batsman of scoring less than eight runs. He could continue to become hero of the cricket field of the IPL match as well but could not do so as he was hit for boundary on the first ball of his over.

Shahrukh Khan never bowled in the practice match so he bowled a wide ball in the crucial match of IPL. India players were watching it on the TV but they were laughing and smiling at the Bollywood star giving away easy runs.

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