Shahrukh Khan Plays T20 Match in IPL

Bollywood actor King Khan or Shahrukh Khan played a T20 match in IPL from Kolkata team against Kings XI Punjab. The owners of both franchises decided to arrange a publicity match between both teams including few domestic players. King Khan of Kolkata and owner of Kings XI Punjab came in the ground for toss to proceed the beginning of match.

The IPL management along with owners of both franchises arranged the T20 match for charity and it was played under pleasant circumstances. Shahrukh Khan opened the inning from Kolkata Knight Riders and played few shots all around the park and he enjoyed his batting a lot although he slipped on the pitch while running for runs.

Cricket fans and showbiz fans were also present in the stadium in large numbers. When Shahrukh Khan was slipped during running between the wickets, it was a great moment of enjoyment for the fans and everyone in the stadium. The two umpires in match were also enjoying the game along with adjudicating match. It was not only the charity match but IPL games has always full of fun and amusement for the fans and everyone.

A large number of other teams in the IPL were also present in the stadium to enjoy the game of Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh was equally brilliant in bowling as he was in batting in first innings. Bowling in the second innings, the Bollywood hero bowled some outstanding overs. Especially his last over was a class in its own. Last over the match was also bowled by Shahrukh in which he won the match for his team.

After the match a huge presentation ceremony was held in the stadium along with the musical show. A large number of IPL players and Bollywood celebrations performed in the show as well. The entire exercise was done to collect money for the needy children in society. Shahrukh Khan himself organizes many charity and welfare projects to help poor.

IPL Match

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