Shahrukh Khan Bowls in IPL

Shahrukh Khan bowled in the IPL first edition and amazed the whole India. The Bollywood hero surprised everybody when he was asked to bowl in the match of IPL. His over became film scene when he came to bowl. The batting side needed eight runs on the remaining nine balls. He started the over of the IPL in Indian with a wide delivery that could not be collected by the wicket keeper.

Shahrukh Khan has been the star in the Bollywood movies of India and has got quite fame among the fans. He has been the owner of the franchise of IPL and the cricket fans really liked him in the cricket field. Cricket fans of India could not believe when their hero went in the ground to have a go with the ball at the batsman in the IPL match.

He has been doing amazing scenes in the movies but never played real cricket in the IPL match. He started playing for the team in the IPL match in India. Every supporter of him started shouted for him. Cricket fans were really behind him and they did not have to wait for the climax in the IPL match. The climax of the match of IPL came when he had the ball in his hand to bowl to the batsman.

Shahrukh Khan came to bowl when the batting side needed only eight runs on just four balls. He had to defend the required runs. He started off the over in the IPL match in India but bowled a wide ball. The wide ball was not collected by the keeper and the ball went to the boundary.

Shahrukh Khan thought that everything would go in his favor like Bollywood movie but he could not be hero in the IPL match in India because the batsman hit him boundary again to win the match.

Shahrukh Khan Amazing Bowling in IPL

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