Shahrukh Khan Amuses Fans while Playing in IPL

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan amused his fans and cricket lovers when he played a T20 match in IPL. He led his team Kolkata Knight Riders while the owner of Kings XI Punjab played against him. King Khan lost the toss but he was offered to bat first. So the actor opened the inning with other player and started to play shots all over the ground.

The IPL management suggested a charity match between both teams which included stars from Bollywood and cricket while the cricket lovers witnessed the match in the stadium in large number. Shahrukh Khan hit few boundaries although he struggled a lot in finding the right timing and he also slipped on the pitch while running for a double.

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 Many other Indian film stars like Shahrukh Khan were also in the charity match. The match was attended by a packed Indian crowd in the Delhi Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. Since last few years a trend has started in all Asian Cricket playing nations of similar type. Film star and media celebrities often become part of cricket games to collect funds for the needy.

Shahrukh Khan not only amused his fans with his cricket playing skills but was also seen enjoying the game himself.  He not only played some good shots when batting for his team but also bowled brilliantly. Especially in the last over of the match, the Indian film star was brilliant. Shahrukh saved match for his team in the last over not giving away to many runs. The opposite team needed only 8 runs in the last over.

Shahrukh also owns a team in the IPL himself. His team has played very well in last few seasons. Sharukh’s team has won the IPL trophy once in the last year. This year also his team has started the tournament very well. Shahrukh Khan always remains present in the ground during matches of his team.

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