Shahid Afridi vs Usama Mir in PSL

Shahid Afridi vs Usama Mir in PSL. Stunning performance of Shahid Afridi with ball amused the spectators in Big Bash Tournament, Australia’s number one domestic tournament. Boom Boom Afridi landed on Aussie soil in the summers of 2011-12 to participate in the tournament and instead of showing his skills with bat, he stunned the opponents with his brilliant quick leg spin bowling.

Shahid Afridi in Big Bash Tournament got immense popularity in Asia and West Indies as the management of the tournament preferred their players. Boom Boom Afridi had world wide popularity due to his aggressive batting style but over the years his bowling improved a lot. He picked so many wickets in the whole summers of Australia and enjoyed victories. His team played the final of the tournament but could not win it.

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Boom Boom Afridi has represented different teams in different tournaments like CPL, BPL, County Cricket etc. In every domestic tournament he never changed his batting style neither he bothered about the situation of the game. He just charged onto the pitch after entering in the ground and played with his own plans instead of sticking with team’s plan.

The organizers of Big Bash Tournament made contracts with different international cricketers including Boom Boom Afridi in the summers of 2011-12. Unexpectedly all-rounder performed with ball more than bat and took several wickets on key situations. His bowling troubled the opponents more than his powerful hitting as he bowled with quick pace.

Shahid Afridi played a vital role from his team to qualify for the final of Big Bash Tournament but unfortunately he could not play the finals. He had to leave Australia due to his commitment with national side which were touring to another country. However Boom Boom Afridi had long lasted impact on the tournament due to his brilliant bowling and off course few handy innings with bat as well.

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