Shahid Afridi Takes Revenge Mclaren

Ryan Mclaren of South Africa was smashed by Shahid Afridi in the over for a huge six that offended the bowler very much. The bowler of South Africa then wanted to teach lesson to the world class hitter. He taught Shahid Afridi a lesson by getting him clean bowled on the very next ball. The bowler of South Africa was quite unlucky that the ball was a no ball. Free hit was rewarded to Shahid Afridi. The bowler was shouting on the batsman when he got the wicket. It was Shahid Afridi turn to take his revenge.

Ryan Mclaren never thought that he could be treated by Shahid Afridi in that way since he kept on smashing him. Shahid Afridi had struck a boundary and a six to the bowler of South Africa. He amazed the whole crowd and the Pakistani players when he clean bowled the batsman after getting six. Verbal harsh words were exchanged between both the players.

Whole stadium including the bowler could not believe when the no ball was given and seen on the giant screen in the stadium. Shahid Afridi came back in the middle as the bowler of South Africa overstepped. Umpire gave a signal of not out and also for a free hit. It was a real drama that was supposed to happen on the very next ball.

Mclaren thought he could get away with the free hit on the extra delivery but it was his misconception.

Shahid Afridi did not lose hope and got carried away with the emotions, he again released his arms over the lose delivery that was pitch in the half way. Pakistani all rounder shut his mouth by hitting a huge six on the free hit ball. The bowler could not have a direct contact with the star all rounder

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