Shahid Afridi Scores 100 off 37 Balls

Shahid Afridi Scores 100 off 37 Balls. The star all-rounder represented Deccan Charges under the captaincy of Aussie wicket keeper batsman Adam Gilchrist. It was the first edition of Indian Premier League when Pakistan players played in the tournament and later they were banned on political bases.

Boom Boom Afridi came to bat after the departure of Captain Adam Gilchrist who was stumped on the ball of Yousaf Pathan. The batsman was beaten on flight when he tried to hit the ball out of the park. However the bowler saw him coming out of the crease and he bowled quite cleverly. The next ball was faced by Shahid Afridi which went for six over square leg because the batsman played a slog sweep.

Getting the prize wicket of Dacan Chargers Admin Gil Christ, Yousaf Pathan was well charged up. The young fast bowler was looking for another quick break through. It was surprising when he was struck for a giant six by Boom Boom Afridi in his usual style. Afrdi was not under pressure and not impressed from Yousaf Pathan at all.

Boom Boom Afridi came to the batting crease and started batting very quietly. He faces the first ball quietly and played it back to the bowler. The second ball which was well up to the batsman and asking for punishment. Afridi did right what it deserved to be. Afridi has done too many bowlers similarly and mercy less like ever. Batting in any format of cricket, Pakistani T20 captain only knows how to punish the bowlers in right way.

Pakistani players have played marvelously in first edition of IPL. Right after the first edition, Many Pakistani players were excluded from the tournament. Players like Boom Boom Afridi and others can increase the interest and amusement in tournament if they are included.

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